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2010-01-02 23:29:02 by psychoskeleton

And the fact that nobody reads them. In fact, i'm pretty sure the Newgrounds staff don't even know i exist.

Easter Egg

2009-11-22 20:08:03 by psychoskeleton

The final drunkdriving kills animation is going to have an easter egg.


2009-11-19 00:12:52 by psychoskeleton

Working on a new animation about a ninja. Its in reverse. (I.E. Episode 3, episode 2, episode 1.)

WAAAhahahaa..... Im so sad. *SOB*


2009-11-16 21:00:59 by psychoskeleton

YES!!! My first (submitted) animation! CHOO CHOO


2009-11-16 18:54:34 by psychoskeleton

Just working on a random Resident Evil animation.